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    The story of Sunstar appliances begins with an Amish factory located in America’s remote & beautiful heartland. Renowned for their craftsmanship and careful attention to detail, every product they manufacture is made with functionality and durability in mind. After many years of designing and testing, the SunStar line of refrigerators and freezers are unmatched in their category.

    Ideal for off-grid applications, SunStar appliances are well suited for use in off-grid homes, cabins, cottages, lodges, homesteads, and other situations where superior quality, reliability, and energy efficiency are a priority.

    SunStar is the only company that designs and manufactures solar and DC appliances right here in America. From scratch.

    Safety - no worrying about carbon monoxide poisoning.

    Cost – comparably sized propane models cost much more, with the recurring cost of propane.

    Convenience - no lugging propane tanks or annual cleaning of burners or checking for leaks.

    Reliability - no having to change C.O. sensors or thermocouples.

    SunStar Vs the Competitors:

    100% Made in America - most competitors claim to be ‘made in the USA’, but actually buy their refrigerator or freezer cabinets from China.

    Quality – superior build quality and quality control. No appliances leave the factory without being fully tested for 24hrs of operation.

    Efficiency – SunStar appliances use an exclusive Keota DC compressor sized specifically for the appliance for faster cooling on start-up, combined with ultra-thick polyurethane wall and door insulation, making each appliance super-efficient.

    SunStar Vs Conventional Household AC models:

    No inverter required! – SunStar operates on solar and DC systems, and automatically detects and functions using 12v or 24v battery banks

    Basic design – SunStar appliances don’t have water dispensers, automatic ice makers, touch screens, WIFI, or Bluetooth. A freezer or refrigerator should be made to cool and freeze food as efficiently as possible. Less parts plus higher quality design components equals reliability!

    Efficiency – unlike modern conventional appliances which focus on features and cheap designs and components to lower cost, SunStar is built with one goal in mind: to be the most reliable and energy efficient appliance available.

    6 products
    SunStar 16CU ST-16RF WHITE solar/DC off-grid refrigerator 12v / 24v by The Cabin Depot™
    SunStar Solar / DC Refrigerator 16CU ST-16RF
    SunStar 16CU Black solar/DC off-grid refrigerator 12v / 24v by The Cabin Depot™ Canada
    SunStar Solar / DC Refrigerator 16CU ST-16RF (BLACK)
    SunStar Solar / DC Refrigerator 16CU ST-16RF (Stainless Steel)
    SunStar Solar / DC Chest Freezer 8CU ST-8CF
    SunStar Solar / DC Chest Freezer 15CU ST-15CF
    SunStar Solar / DC Chest Freezer 21CU ST-21CF