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SunStar Appliances

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SunStar vs Competitors:

SunStar Vs Conventional Household AC models:


No worrying about carbon monoxide poisoning.


Comparably sized propane models cost much more, with the recurring cost of propane.


No need to change C.O. sensors or thermocouples.


No lugging propane tanks or annual cleaning of burners or checking for leaks.

    The story of SunStar appliances begins with an Amish factory located in America’s remote & beautiful heartland. Renowned for their craftsmanship and careful attention to detail, every product they manufacture is made with functionality and durability in mind. After many years of designing and testing, the SunStar line of refrigerators and freezers are unmatched in their category.

    Ideal for off-grid applications, SunStar appliances are well suited for use in off-grid homes, cabins, cottages, lodges, homesteads, and other situations where superior quality, reliability, and energy efficiency are a priority.

    SunStar is the only company that designs and manufactures solar and DC appliances right here in America. From scratch.

    7 products
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