Strategic Partnerships, Effortless Distribution.

Elevating pioneering brands through sales, marketing, and distribution.


Our marketing support will amplify your presence in the off-grid living sector, attracting a dedicated audience seeking innovative solutions.


Join us in empowering individuals and communities to embrace an independent lifestyle with our one-of-a-kind product lineup.


From in-depth product knowledge to troubleshooting assistance, we ensure you have the tools and guidance needed to excel in promoting our cutting-edge off-grid products.


Seamlessly bridge the gap between customer demand and product availability with our streamlined fulfillment process and 5 warehouses across the USA and Canada.

Who Are We?

We're a team of dedicated, hands-on professionals, just like you. Our mission is to expand accessibility to off-grid living solutions by continually broadening our distribution channels through an ever-growing network of dealerships and business partners.

Our top priority is to develop long lasting relationships with our dealers and manufacturers. These relationships go beyond a simple monetary value, but a trusted relationship that fosters sales growth through ensuring customer satisfaction and a quality product.

What we do:

We cater our product catalog specifically for off-grid living or anywhere energy and water resources are limited. We bring our unique product offering to independent, small and large businesses to niche markets all across North America.

How we do it:

Distribution and Sales: Through years of work, we've built robust connections with renowned names in solar/PV, off-grid toilets and appliance industries including EcoFlow, Cinderella Incineration Toilets, Camplux, SunStar and many other brands. We take pride in partnering with independent and small businesses catering to niche markets across North America.

Marketing: Our sales and marketing team, with dedicated e-Commerce, graphic design and marketing specialists further extends our reach.

Fulfillment: We have 5 warehouses strategically placed across the USA and Canada. We provide stocking orders as well as fulfillment.

Support: Dedicated service and support, training workshops, webinars, newsletters, recommendations, and more is all provided by our knowledgeable inhouse technicians.