Who Are We?

We're a team of hard working, boots-on-the-ground folk, just like you. Our distribution goals are to provide even more ways to put off-grid living solutions directly into the hands of customers through our growing network of dealerships and business partners.

Our top priority is to develop long lasting relationships with our dealers and business partners. These relationships go beyond a simple monetary value, but a trusted relationship that fosters sales growth though ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Another priority is to provide our dealers with only the highest quality off-grid products. We have developed incredible relationships with many of off-grid focused manufacturers. We deliver these quality products into your hands and enable you to put them in the hands of customers.

Most distribution companies hold, sell and move product. We do that, but we also USE the products we sell. Our business locations are 100% off-grid and completely sustainable. We are very proud of that, and it gives us confidence in the products that we offer. 

Our Head Office Locations