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Why Incinerate?

For mobile...

Revolutionize the RV and camper van industry with Cinderella Travel. All-new and UL certified

For industry

For mining, forestry, construction, crane operating, and other industrial applications

For leisure

For cabins, cottages, tiny homes & resorts

Why Cinderella?

Award winning design

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Bring Cinderella to your customers

Your area could be in need of a Cinderella dealership.

If you are...

  • Interested in adding a quality product to your existing business with multiple revenue streams including sales, installation, and aftermarket support
  • Operate an installation based business with access to trades professionals
  • One of the many businesses that provide service & support to the RV, HVAC, Wastewater Equipment, Propane industries, or any service interested in providing alternative waste management solutions

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The Opportunity

Through our growing dealer network, Cinderella products are now available to North America for use in vacation homes, cabins, tiny homes, and RV's. Ideal for situations where traditional septic isn't possible, they are also used in commercial and industrial applications such as construction, forestry & mining.

Cinderella is the only fully UL and NSF certified incineration toilet product available within North America. With a dedicated team of engineers and state-of-the-art factory, Cinderella is recognized as best in class for being efficient, safe and easy to use. Customers in your area are seeking to purchase, install, and have local aftermarket support.

That's where you come in.

From a gloomy outdoor toilet to pure indoor pleasure with Cinderella

Watch how Cinderella has completely changed this family's off-grid living experience!

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Why Cinderella® is better than any incineration toilet we've ever seen

Incineration Toilets - You may have heard that they're an innovative solution to waste-management, but maybe you've also heard they're smelly, dirty and never seem to work properly. While those may be problems you can encounter with other incinerator toilets, that's not the case with Cinderella®.

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