Why Cinderella is better than any incineration toilet we've ever seen

Incineration Toilets - You may have heard that they're an innovative solution to waste-management, but maybe you've also heard they're smelly, dirty and never seem to work properly. While those may be problems you can encounter with other incinerator toilets, that's not the case with Cinderella®. Here's why Cinderella is by far the best incineration toilet we've worked with. 

Cinderella® is fully certified.

Cinderella Fully Certified NSF, CE AND 3 YEAR WARRANTYCinderella Freedom


Unlike other incineration toilet models available in North America, Cinderella is fully certified. It has met all of the strict requirements to achieve NSF, CE, ETL, and UL certifications to CSA standardsThis means installations are warrantied longer, and installer friendly.

Cinderella® has an industry leading 3 Year Warranty and Award-Winning design. 

Because Cinderella uses only the best components, they're able to provide a much longer warranty period than other incinerating toilets. Most incineration toilets provide warranties that are usually only a few months to a year long, while Cinderella® provides a three year warranty for their products.

Outside the Cinderella Factory in Norway(View from outside the Cinderella® Factory in Norway)

Specially designed components ordered from the best suppliers who produce them are much of the reason why Cinderella® Incineration Toilets retain their competitive edge. Each part is hand-assembled by skilled employees at the factory in Norway.

Cinderella is awarded the Good Design Award 2019 Best IN class

Cinderella® has received awards such as the Testfakta's 'Best In Test'  among all other incineration toilets that were tested, and in 2019 it was awarded the GOOD DESIGN® 'Best In Class' Award for engineering and product design.  

It's easy to clean and maintain.

Like any machine, Cinderella® requires some maintenance and cleaning to ensure proper system health. However, unlike other incineration toilets, Cinderella® tells you when it's time to care of her. The toilet's LCD display notifies you when it's time to empty the ash-tray and displays other useful information such as the amount of remaining visits until the ash-tray should be emptied and cleaned. 

Cinderella Ash tray cleaning and Maintenance

Weekly emptying of the ash pan and regular steam-cleaning will ensure a long-lasting product. Cinderella® also provides a maintenance kit which includes cleaning brushes, a funnel and sweeper sets to make the task simple and hassle-free.

Models for LPG, Electric & Mobile use. 


Cinderella® Comfort (Electric) and Freedom (Gas) have available on the North American market for 3 years & tried and tested in European markets for much longer. The Comfort operates using 240v AC electricity and the Freedom uses LPG/Propane gas with 12V DC. Both models have been renowned for their untroublesome design and high quality components. They were also very well received by users in North America for off-grid living. It's been named 'the best solution for scenarios where traditional septic systems aren't practical. 

Cinderella® Freedom is an open-air system, meaning it is affected by it's environment. You don't want other exhaust fans running in your washroom causing negative pressure, since this toilet pulls 80% of it's fresh air from the room using 6 vents in the bottom of the unit. Cinderella® Comfort uses a closed air system with proprietary fresh-air intake. Both Freedom and Comfort use catalytic converters as well. Other incineration toilet companies seemingly have little to no consideration for air quality and rely on odor reducing sprays to eliminate odors. When any Cinderella® model is properly installed, it is completely odorless.

This year Cinderella® unveiled two new models: Travel and Premium.

Cinderella® Travel Example

 The Cinderella® Travel is designed specifically for mobile applications such as RVs, Camper-van conversions, and boats. This model was previously released in European markets as Cinderella® Motion and has now been adapted for North American use under it's new title: Cinderella® TravelOther 'competing' brands of incineration toilets have been advertised for use in RVs but have been met with terrible reviews of poor performance, major installation issues, and a bounty of error messages. The Travel can be retrofitted into vans, RVs and houseboats, eliminating the need for blackwater tanks and containers. RV users with Cinderella® have attested that it's a much easier, less involved method of waste-management compared to cassette-style, or composting toilets.  Also, Unlike other incineration toilet brands, Cinderella® Travel is frost-proof allowing for all-season use.


Cinderella Premium, formally known as Cinderella Jubilee


Cinderella Premium

The other toilet Cinderella® unveiled this year is the Premium. This model is similar to the Comfort, as it also uses 240v electricity to operate, but Premium has upgraded electronics, a larger touch-screen display, Teflon-coated basin and soft close on the toilet lid. This model also features a number of new functions including a steam-cleaning cycle that makes cleaning even easier.

Cinderella® has a network of dealerships for installation, parts and service. 

Through Off-Grid Distribution, there is a growing network of dealers in North America for Cinderella® Incineration products. Unlike other incinerator toilet companies, Cinderella® is committed to the user experience for the entire duration of the product's lifespan, not just after purchase. There are now Cinderella® dealerships all across the United States and Canada that can provide sales, installation, parts and service so customers can get the most from their investment in an incineration toilet solution.

(Island Propane, a dealership for Cinderella® Incineration toilets located in Newfoundland, Canada)

If you're interested in becoming a dealer of Cinderella Incineration products, please click here or contact us for more information. 

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