Trifecta Solar Panel Ground Mount Systems

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    Introducing the Trifecta series of fully adjustable tilting ground mount systems 100% manufactured in Canada.

    Designed specifically for easy transport & installation, the new Trifecta panel kits are a rugged all-steel construction that can be set up quickly & easily without any need for expensive concrete pours or heavy equipment. With a fully adjustable tilt angle, the Trifecta allows you to optimize your solar power output for any geographic location and adjust for each season easily while giving you the option to prevent snow accumulation during the winter months.


    • Easy to transport: unlike traditional ground mount systems which are large and complex, the Trifecta stands are kits that can be easily transported to the cabin, cottage, hunting camp or other remote location easily.
    • Easy to assemble: each kit will arrive with assembly instructions including pictures of each step for reference, and new customers have access to our support team should they have any questions during installation.
    • No site prep required: That’s right! No digging, no concrete, and no heavy equipment needed. The fully adjustable legs and pivoting feet allow for installation on uneven surfaces, and the included 4FT bars allow you to safely anchor the Trifecta to the ground.
    • Adjustable 90 to 180 degree tilt: Yes, your tilt angle matters! Increase your solar panel energy output by adjusting your tilt angle to match your specific geographic location and for each season. Changing the angle is as easy as the turn of a wrench and takes less than 1 minute. And best of all – you can tilt your panels vertically during winter to avoid snow accumulation!
    • Expandable: Not sure what your future solar PV requirement will be? No problem - simply add on using the Trifecta Expansion Kit for a 6, 9, or 12 panels combination.

    5 products
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