Cinderella® Comfort Incineration Toilet

Cinderella® Comfort Incineration Toilet

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About Our Product

Designed and manufactured in Norway for over 25 years, Cinderella are a family owned company that is environmentally conscious and dependable. Emissions tests are so low on these units, they are considered non-pollutant.

The Cinderella Comfort is an electric model for customers who have access to AC power. The unit comes with a NEMA 6-15P plug, requiring a dedicated matching NEMA receptacle to 240vAC and minimum 10A fuse. It consumes approximately 1kWh per use. Comfort is a closed-air- system with a controlled intake and exhaust system, ensuring optimal incineration and energy consumption. The unit is CE-certified and approved by UL and NSF. 


  • Comfort incineration toilet
  • User manual and Installation manuals
  • 100 x Cinderella Original Bowl Liners

Easy To Use 

Cinderella incineration toilets are easy to use, and the Cinderella bowl liners safely transport the waste to the incineration chamber. This keeps the toilet hygienic and clean, compared to other options available on the market. Simply lift the lid and seat ring. Place an original Cinderella bowl liner in the bowl and put the seat back down. Use the toilet as you would any toilet and close the lid when you are done. Press the “flush button” and the bowl liner, with its contents, is released into the incineration chamber below. The toilet is now ready for use and the process as described can be repeated. 


The most important prerequisite for a well-functioning toilet is correct installation. We always recommend the unit be checked by an electrician before powering on, or call us! Customers are also recommended, but not obligated to purchase the Cinderella Comfort Ventilation Installation Kit (comes with 4"x 36" vent pipes with sleeves (5), 3 x wall mounts, 1 x hose clamp, 3 x support clamps and male/ female 87º elbow with condensate drain). There is also a separate Cinderella Comfort Accessory Kit (contains 1 x Storm Hood (Wind Shield)1 x Chimney Cap)



  • A high quality product made in Norway
  • Easy to use
  • Childproof
  • Low-noise
  • Test-winning quality
  • Scandinavian design
  • LCD display with notifications
  • Easy installation, closed air system
  • Comfortable indoor climate, no smell
  • Certified and approved in accordance with applicable regulations CE-marked
  • Large capacity: 3-4 visits per hour
  • Complete toilet solution, burns all waste
  • No water supply required (no indoor or outdoor tank)
  • Reliable, suitable for cold areas
  • 3-year warranty


  • Height: 23 5 ? 8 in. (600 mm)
  • Seat height: 21 1 ? 4 in. (540 mm)
  • Width: 15 3 ? 8 in. (390 mm)
  • Depth: 23 1 ? 4 in. (590 mm)
  • Weight: 75 lbs. (34 kg)
  • Capacity: 4 visits per hour
  • Energy consumption (incineration): 0.8-1.5 kWh
  • Incineration power: 2000W
  • Power requirement: 220 - 240v 10A


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