Who are we?

We are North America's leading B2B Distributor for Off-Grid Living Products

We proudly serve businesses of all sizes, catering to the unique needs of small and large enterprises alike. Elevate your business with our wide selection of solutions, as we redefine the off-grid living experience together

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The History Channel's ALONE

Jordan Jonas is a wilderness guide, survival expert and Season 6 Winner of ALONE. At his off-grid cabin, he uses a Cinderella Freedom that he received from his local dealership in Montana.

Cinderella® Travel

Off-Grid Distribution is proud to introduce Cinderella's fully certified mobile incineration toilet to the North American market


Off-Grid Energy just got easier. Bring smart-capable portable and stationary powerstations to your customers with Off-Grid Distribution.

Cinderella® Incineration Toilets

What makes Cinderella the most advanced incinerating toilet?

When Nature Calls..

Incredibly Efficient Solar Refrigeration.

Harness the power of the sun with America's Top Solar/DC Appliance Manufacturer

Efficient. Reliable. Proven.

Sunstar Appliances, Made in America
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