Incineration Toilets Comparison: 2024 Test Report

The following are extracts from an independent research report conducted by the New Brunswick Research and Productivity Council. The full report is available for download HERE.  

In 2024, a detailed evaluation of incinerating toilets was conducted by RPC Science & Engineering for Off-Grid Distribution, providing critical insights into the performance, safety, and ease of installation of models from incineration toilet companies, Cinderella, EcoJohn, and Incinolet. Simply put, the test was put in place to clear the air for customers seeking the most effective incineration toilet option, and to highlight potential areas for improvement for incineration toilet products. This analysis offers invaluable information for those considering incinerating toilets for their home, business, or even prospective dealerships/installers.

Before we get into the details of the test report: you might be wondering why someone would opt to use an incineration toilet. Incinerating toilets are purported to be odorless, hygienic, self contained complete waste management. Through evaporation or combustion processes, they reduce waste to a fine sterile ash. They are a popular choice for those who live off-grid in cabins, cottages or even in the construction and agricultural sector - overall preferred in places where traditional septic systems are not viable (like rocky terrains, remote locations, or environmentally sensitive areas where water conservation is crucial).

Testing Methodology and Overview

The test used synthetic waste to replicate typical usage, examining each model’s performance through:

  • Single Flush Test: This initial test measured the incineration efficiency of each toilet using a standard mix of synthetic urine, feces, toilet paper, and a liner, providing a baseline for each model's performance.
  • Triple Flush Test: To simulate frequent use within a short period, the toilets underwent three consecutive flushes, challenging their capacity and recovery rate.
  • Triple Double Flush Test: This intensive test, involving six flushes in three sets, tested the toilets under extreme operational stress to evaluate their endurance and effectiveness in high-demand scenarios.

    Test Results Overview


    • Models Tested: TinyJohn (Gas) and XL (Electric).
    • Issues and Performance: TinyJohn encountered several technical issues, including Bluetooth connectivity problems and a malfunctioning lid sensor, which were temporarily fixed for testing. Despite these challenges, it performed adequately in simpler tests but could not complete the most demanding scenario due to capacity limitations. The XL model failed to operate and was unable to be tested.
    • User Experience: EcoJohn toilets were noted for higher noise levels and some user safety concerns due to the mechanical design of the chamber latch


    • Model Tested: Standard Electric.
    • Simplicity and Safety Concerns: While the minimalist design reduced mechanical failure risks, it introduced significant safety concerns, such as the potential for burns due to accessible hot surfaces and the lack of protective features. This could pose as a risk to children or pets. 
    • Performance Under Load: Incinolet managed the single and triple flush tests reasonably but struggled significantly in the triple double test; it failed to incinerate all waste effectively and showed the lowest efficiency among all tested models. This suggests poor performance for families and scenarios where consecutive toilet use may be required. Odor issues were also encountered during testing. 

    Cinderella Incineration Toilets:

    • Performance: All Cinderella models showcased exemplary performance, handling all test scenarios without capacity issues. The Travel model did  experience slight material pinching in the triple double test, but overall efficiency remained high.
    • Ease of Use: These units were user-friendly with minor initial challenges in ashtray management that improved with use. The Freedom model faced some setup challenges with propane connectivity, resolved with minor adjustments
    • Odorless: Due to Cinderella's ventilation design, no odors were found during testing.  

    Efficiency and Practical Implications

    • Single Flush Efficiency: All operational models demonstrated high efficiency, with Cinderella models achieving approximately 97.8% waste reduction. EcoJohn and Incinolet also performed well in this basic test but showed varying results in more intensive scenarios.
    • Handling High Demand: Only Cinderella models consistently managed high-demand scenarios effectively. EcoJohn and Incinolet exhibited limitations in capacity and safety, which could impact their suitability for users with frequent or heavy usage needs.

    Here's an excerpt from the report on the triple double flush results:

    "The sheer volume of material added to the toilets in the Triple Double Flush test meant that only the three Cinderella toilets were able to complete the test. The Cinderella RV unit had slightly lower efficiency due to the final flush being unable to completely drop down into the bowl. The functioning EcoJohn Propane unit presented an overcapacity warning when trying to add the fifth flush and would not restart until the bowl was emptied. The Incinolet ran its complete cycle but there was a large amount of material that was completely unburnt, meaning it only reached 66.6 percent efficiency"

    During the most intensive testing scenario (2 sets of 3 consecutive flushes, with only a 10 minute interval between each), Cinderella models were the only toilets to complete this test with complete incineration. 

    Electric Incineration Toilets Results

    Cinderella Comfort  Incinolet   TinyJohn XL
    Single Flush (Cold Start) Complete Incineration? Yes Yes Toilet not functional
    Incineration Time 1 hrs 18 mins 1 hrs 23 mins --
    Energy Consumption Peak 8.2 amp @ 240 V Peak 14.5 amp @ 230 V --
    Triple Flush (10 min. gap) Complete Incineration? Yes No Toilet not functional
    Incineration Time 2 hrs 25 mins 2 hrs 45 mins --
    Energy Consumption Peak 8.2 amp @ 240 V Peak 14.5 amp @ 230 V --
    Triple Double Flush (10 min. gap) Complete Incineration? Yes No Toilet not functional
    Incineration Time 3 hrs 24 mins 2 hrs 45 mins --
    Energy Consumption Peak 8.2 amp @ 240 V Peak 14.5 amp @ 230 V --

    Propane Incineration Toilets Results




     Cinderella Travel (RV)



    Single Flush (Cold Start) Complete Incineration? Yes Yes Yes
    Incineration Time 51 mins  55 mins 1 hour
    Energy Consumption Peak 1.2 amp @ 12 V / ~200g propane Peak 0.2 amp @ 12 V / ~200g propane Peak 1.3 amp @ 12 V /  ~200g propane 
    Triple Flush (10 min. gap) Complete Incineration? Yes Yes Yes
    Incineration Time 1 hr 35 mins hr 40 mins 3 hrs 32 minutes
    Energy Consumption Peak 1.2 amp @ 12 V / ~200g propane Peak 0.2 amp @ 12 V / ~300g propane Peak 1.3 amp @ 12 V / ~700g propane
    Triple Double Flush (10 min. gap) Complete Incineration? Yes Small amount of material refused to fall into the bowl on 5th flush Toilet was unable to complete the test due to overcapacity 
    Incineration Time 2 hrs 35 mins 2 hrs 37 mins --
    Energy Consumption Peak 1.2 amp @ 12 V / ~200g propane Peak 0.2 amp @ 12 V / ~500g propane --


    While EcoJohn and Incinolet offer potentially viable options, their performance in important areas such as safety, efficiency, and heavy usage may require customers to consider their specific needs carefully. Cinderella toilets demonstrated superior efficiency & reliability, completely odorless operation, and successfully handled nearly every single challenge presented during testing with outstanding results.

    Designed and manufactured in Norway, Cinderella has a proven 25+ year history with many original units still in operation today. Full UL and NSF certifications underscore Cinderella's award-winning commitment to building reliable products that can be widely accepted, installed, and serviced by a network of gas-fitters, electricians, and trade professionals across North America. To top it all off, their toilets come with an industry-leading 3-year warranty. 

    They've consistently shown excellence through an impressive list of accolades, including the Good Design Award® for Best Engineering and Best Product Design in 2019, and the Testfakta Research Winner, Best in Test, in 2014 and 2018. Moreover, Cinderella was honored with the Siva Prize in 2021 and the Social Entrepreneurship Award in 2022

    For those interested in leading the way in sustainable, septic-free, off-grid waste management, consider becoming a Cinderella dealer with Off-Grid Distribution:

    Cinderella Reviews: 


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